Acceptance and Love Needed in Wake of Orlando Tragedy

Less than a year ago, we said “Je Suis Charlie!” remembering those who were murdered at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris. Now we unfortunately say “We are Orlando!”  in solidarity with the people and especially victims’ families in the Orlando area. At a time like this, it is not the best, I think, to debate gun control and exactly what that means. We know that our political candidates are talking about this topic from different perspectives. Innocent people, gay or straight, cannot live in fear of enjoying their lives and worrying about someone out there who will kill them in a mass shooting. It is certainly not right, or even human, acting for a group like ISIS to encourage their followers to kill innocent people. All Americans – Christian or Muslim – must work together to speak about ways to report suspicions about such possible attacks. I think this is a main way for Americans to show support and acceptance to one another no matter who we are.

– Fr. Robert Yetter, June 14, 2016