Joining the Catholic Church

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults and Children (RCIA) is a four-stage process in which people explore their own faith in relation to the Catholic Christian community.  There is no pressure.  The process respects each person’s journey of faith and tries to address each person’s needs.

The four stages are:

1. Inquiry is a time to ask and answer questions in an informal small group setting.

2. Catechumenate is a period of sharing and reflecting on the scriptures and teachings of the Church.  Sessions are held on Sundays from Advent to Easter.

3. Enlightenment is a period of spiritual preparation for receiving the Sacraments during the time of Lent.

4. Mystagogia is living one’s faith within the Catholic Christian community and continuing faith discussions on other topics of spiritual growth.


Father Yetter:  716-688-9380

Ken and Maureen Brown:  716-688-7317

Deacon Rick and Alberta Stachura:  716-542-4233

Contact for Children under 18:

Family Faith Formation:  716-688-0599